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Current Trends of Data Analytics in Healthcare

Owing to the proliferation of new technologies coupled with the Government mandates, it comes as little surprise, that healthcare organizations of today are diverting their energies on making the best use of data analytics for offering improved patient experiences. Hospitals are inundated with a voluminous amount of data, ranging from EMR systems, staff schedules, equipment maintenance, to patient satisfaction surveys, each of which has the capability to enable the organization to enhance efficiency and render better medical care. Of course, the challenge is to apply the best analytical technique for driving effective decision making. Listed below are some of the healthcare analytics trends that are hot right now, and may be adopted by institutions who wish to improve the quality of care as well as management of their available resources:

  1. A Data-Driven, Patient-Centric Approach

In recent times, adopting a patient-centric approach with the help of data analytics has made a significant headway in the healthcare industry. Consider a patient suffering from a chronic condition. The data generated as a result of this condition is overwhelming. However, if one has to improve the outcome, it is imperative to integrate and analyze this massive amount of data. In the wake of reducing medical costs as well as enhancing patient care in such situations, organizations are employing analytical solutions that would enable the caregiver to have a speedy insight on the patient’s variegated data, such as medical history, previous records, treatment plans, and much more. These visualizations allow the hospital staff to easily digest high-level information as well as avail the option of requesting for further in-depth details. Of course, one needs to ensure that the healthcare analytics solution is robust and futuristic.

  1. Providing Select Staff with Access to Real-Time Data

Statistics reveal that leading hospitals have benefitted immensely by empowering their select staff to access real-time data pertaining to the activities occurring within the premises of the institution. These may include the number of patients arriving by way of accidents & emergencies, availability of beds, patients’ waiting time, and much more. By making such data available to physicians, nurses, and administrators, the organizations are unlocking bottlenecks, allocating resources efficiently, and offering better treatment plans, thereby optimizing the entire hospital system & processes. With the help of such analytical solutions, the centers can quickly glance through the graph to understand the key casual drivers behind patient waiting time, readmissions, patient dissatisfaction scores, and other issues.

  1. Making Use of Social Media

Social media continues to be one of the fastest moving trends in business, and healthcare is no exception. With more and more people resorting to their favorite social platforms for habits, tips, and conversations on good health, healthcare organizations are also reaching out to patients through this channel, to provide them with pertinent information & better choices. Interacting with patients on this platform helps in deriving insights on the pressing needs, challenges, and consumption patterns of patients. It also gives them the opportunity to conduct surveys & feedbacks. By employing social data analytics, medical centers are able to determine the most influential channel, so that their communications reach the target audience at the right time. Further, considering the massive volume of interactions and rapid changes that occur in this domain, analysts keep a tab on selecting the best platform, which would aid in extracting valuable data related to the patients.

Statistics reveal that by 2020, healthcare data is expected to grow at 48% on an annual basis. The use of healthcare analytics will become all the more prevalent in the coming years, not only because of the sheer amount of data that would be available but also as organizations desperately feel the need for driving improvements in financial and clinical performances.

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